About us

Activism plays quite an important role at the University of Twente. With activism we mean participating in extracurricular activities and getting more than just your degree. One of the forms in which activism appears is organising (large) activities by students and participating in such committees. This conference is such an activity, that is fully organised by student.

The committee that is responsible for the organisation of this conference consists of:

Femke Witmans Chairman

Hello! My name is Femke Witmans and four years ago I decided to study Applied Physics, which means I’m now a master student. In the past years I’ve been active at Study Association Arago by being part of several committees and I’ve been secretary of the board a few years ago. Besides studying I’m member of a theatre association and I like to run and play tennis. I wanted to organize a large event once more, so the lustrum congress sounded very suitable for that matter. In this committee, I’m the chairman and I am responsible for the weekly meetings and keeping track of the planning.

Macy Vreman Secretary

Hello! I am Macy Vreman, 20 years old. Currently, I am first year student of the Applied Physics master and in my spare time I like to play volleyball. I am also active as a student member of the Programme Committee and the Quality Assurance Committee of Applied Physics. Furthermore, by organising this congres I would like to show that physics is impressive and fun! I am the secretary of the congress, so I write down everything we decide as a committee and I take care of the communication between the committee and the participants of the congress.

Coen Verschuur Treasurer

My name is Coen Verschuur. Currently, I am in the first year of my master applied physics at the University of Twente. Besides my study, I am active at the study association S.V. Arago. This will be the first time that I am going to organize a significant activity like a congress. My function in the committee is Treasurer. With this function, I am responsible for keeping track of all the income and expenses of our congress. I see it as a challenge to make all the ideas we have as a committee financially possible.

Bjorn Jongebloed Speakers

Hello everyone, my name is Bjorn Jongebloed, and I am a first-year applied physics master student. In the coming year, I will be responsible for arranging the different speakers for the conference. In the previous years, I have been part of several committees and completed a board year at S.V. Arago. I wanted to challenge myself once again by being part of the organization of the congress that will take place on the 1st of May 2021. As commissioner of speakers, I hope to make the conference an exciting day with inspiring talks that give an outlook on the future of science and technology. Hope to so you all there!

Niels Alferink Speakers

Sven Hoitink Logistics